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Advisory Groups

As a Caltech Center serving Faculty, Students (Undergraduate and Graduate), and Staff in their various roles as instructors, teaching assistants, program coordinators, mentors, and tutors, regular input and feedback is essential. We work with several groups on a regular basis:

CTLO Faculty Advisory Committee:

Mike Brown (Chair), GPS
Marianne Bronner, BBE
Mitchio Okumura, CCE
Christopher Umans, EAS
Morgan Kousser, HSS
Elena Mantovan, PMA
Ryan Patterson, PMA

Graduate Student Committee: Caltech Project for Effective Teaching (CPET)

This Graduate Student Committee has been active since 2009; CPET runs a popular series of seminars aimed toward graduate students and postdocs, contributes to TA Orientation programs, and runs a peer reviewed “Certificate of Interest In College Teaching” program. CPET now serves as an inportant advisory group to the CTLO and is housed within the Center.

Undergraduate Committee: Academics and Research Committee (ARC)

This Undergraduate Committee, part of ASCIT, has a long history of active engagement with undergraduate education. The ARC Chair, Course Committee members, and the CTLO Director meet regularly, collaborating on projects and programs such as Course Ombudspeople and providing Undergraduate fedback on new programs, services, and projects.

Other Committees and Groups:

The Center periodically brings together or contributes to other committees and groups across the institute, e.g.:

  • Educational Outreach Coordinators associated with various Divisions, Research Groups, and projects.
  • Council on Undergraduate Education (a faculty, staff, and student committee, chaired by the Vice Provost).
  • Committee on Online Education (a faculty and staff committee, chaired by the Vice Provost).
  • Other offices supporting on-campus teaching such as the Hixon Writing Center, Libraries, Registrar, Undergraduate and Graduate Deans, Academic Media and Technologies, International Offices, General Counsel, and Vice Provost regularly convene through topical discussions organized by academic affairs and student affairs.