Connecting Caltech people and resources with teachers, students, and members of the general public. Educational Outreach brings PreK-12 students and teachers to campus for lab tours, camps, films, lectures, competitions and research projects. Caltech also reaches into local schools, with Techers - from undergraduates to post-docs and faculty - working directly with area teachers to develop and conduct lessons, demonstrations and presentations tied to curriculum units. Caltech's interactive exhibits at conferences, expos and open houses are always popular attractions. The CTLO works closely with faculty members to develop strong educational outreach programs that exhibit the highest standards of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) content reflecting the ongoing research and teaching at Caltech. We strategically connect researchers with PreK-12 schools and classrooms where the curricular emphasis is most compatible with the subject matter and goals of each initiative. To ensure that optimal benefit is derived from all interactions, we work with local teachers in advance to prepare their students for Caltech campus visits and classroom visits by Caltech engineers and scientists. We also strive to bring our programs to public venues where Caltech representatives share their science with the broader world.

Overview of Educational Outreach Opportunities.