Outreach Opportunity Alerts

Outreach Opportunity Alerts connect members of the Caltech community with educational outreach opportunities in the Pasadena community and beyond for which they can volunteer. They are published monthly. 

To join the newsletter mailing list for Outreach Opportunity Alerts, members of the Caltech community can email Kitty Cahalan, kcahalan@caltech.edu. Please give your name, email address, Caltech affiliation (undergraduate, graduate student, postdoc, faculty or staff) and department, option or research group. 

July 2020 Opportunity Alert

Ask A Caltech Student

Ask a Caltech Student is a Facebook group that serves as a forum for Caltech students and postdocs to answer science questions posed by the public. If you'd like to join and add to the discussion, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529241501331101/

Make sure to answer the questionnaire and read the group rules!

Visiting Scientists 

Visiting Scientists is a program that began at Cleveland Elementary in the 2016-2017 school year to bring Caltech students and postdocs to Cleveland to teach hands-on science lessons throughout the school year. The program moved to Madison Elementary in 2019-2020. Grade-level teams work with teachers to develop Next Generation Science Standards-based classroom hands-on, inquiry-based lessons. These lessons continued after distance learning orders went into place, provided as video lessons or Google Meet classes, with hands-on lessons continuing with ideas of experiments and activities students could do at home with common household materials. 

Plans for in-person, distance or hybrid learning for the 2020-21 school year, which begins on August 17, are still being developed in Pasadena Unified, but the likelihood is that programs that include outside visitors will be limited for at least the fall, if not longer. We plan to continue this program virtually, however, and welcome all interested parties who wish to participate in the 2020-21 school year. C
ontact Kitty Cahalan, Outreach Program Manager, at 626-395-2468 or kcahalan@caltech.edu if you are interested in participating.

Caltech Educational Outreach Office's programs run on volunteers! If you would like to join any of our programs, or if you have a program of your own that you'd like to bring to K-12 students, contact Kitty Cahalan, Outreach Program Manager, at 626-395-2468 or kcahalan@caltech.edu