Spring 2018 Info for Core Faculty/TAs

Spring 2018 Core Science/Math:

Course and Website Lectures Recitations Millikan 9th Floor Study* Problem Sets Due
Ma 1c Analytical
Nets Katz
MWF 10-10:55 AM R (Thurs) Fri 8-11 pm Mon 2 am

Ma 1C Practical
Matthias Flach

MWF 10-10:55 AM R Fri 8-11 pm Mon 4 pm
Ph 1c Analytical
David Hsieh
WF 11-11:55 AM MR Wed 8-11 pm Fri 4 pm
(Quizzes due Mon 4 pm)
Ph 1c Practical
Jason Alicea
F 3 -3:55 PM MWR Wed 8-11 pm

Fri 3 pm
(Most quizzes due Tues noon; check for exceptions)

Bi 1
Elliot Meyerowiz and Kai Zinn
MTR 11-11:55 AM   Sun 8-11 pm  Tu or Thu depending on the week


*Group study sessions on the 9th floor of Millikan give students an opportunity to find others and collaborate/discuss course material, with peer tutors in attendance to answer questions and assist.

Approximate Weekly Topics:

Note: the information below is for approximate reference only. Please refer to specific course websites for precise topics by day, due dates and times, course policies, etc.

Spring 2018 Ma 1c An Ma 1c Pr Ph 1c An Ph 1c Prac Bi 1

Wk 1
(Apr 2)

Norm and Inner Product
Subsets of Euclidean Space
Functions and Continuity

See the Ma 1C Practical website for updates Magnetic Field
Vector Potential
 Magnetism and Matter
Magnetic Materials and Phase Transitions
The living world – what is out there?The Theory of the Gene: Mendel and Morgan to gene control, DNA sequencing and genomics 1
Wk 2
(Apr. 9)
Basic Definitions
Basic Theorems
Partial Derivatives
Relativistic Origin of Magnetism
 Faraday's Law

The Theory of the Gene: Mendel and Morgan to gene control, DNA sequencing and genomics 2.
Forensic DNA testing

Wk 3
(Apr. 16)

Inverse Functions
Implicit Functions
  Lorentz Transformation of Fields. Hall Effect.
Faraday's Law
 Inductance & Inductors

Ancient DNA and human archaeology and migrations.
Inherited diseases, the human genome project and personalized medicine

Wk 4
(Apr. 23)

Induction and Inductance
Quiz 1

 AC Circuits
Quiz 1

Plant breeding: ancient farmers to GMOs.
The Theory of the Cell: history? What is a cell?  Prokaryotic cells and their components.

Wk 5
(Apr. 30)

Midterms May 2-8


AC CIrcuits
Complex impedance

Omubds meeting May 4

Maxwell's equations and EM waves The cell as a factory for converting information (in the genes) into actions (mediated by proteins). This would include transcription, translation, protein localization (including secretion), and protein degradation.
How do proteins work?  Reverse information flow from protein conformations and its relationship to diseases.

Wk 6
(May 7)

Midterms May 2-8



Displacement Current
Maxwell's Equations

Quiz 2

Quiz 2

The eukaryotic cell. Capture of mitochondria and chloroplasts. Compartmentalization within eukaryotic cells and protein trafficking.
Viruses (Pamela Bjorkman)

Midterms due 5/8 

Wk 7
(May 14)

Midterm notices due May 14

    Electromag. Waves
Electric Dipoles
Diffraction and Interference Development of multicellular animals.
Developmental Biology, Regulatory Genes, and Gene Regulatory Networks: Flower Development.

Wk 8
(May 21)

Drop deadline May 23



Electric Fields in Matter

Quiz 3

Simultaneity and Moving Clocks
Quiz 3

Systems Biology (Lior Pachter).
The Theory of Evolution: Darwin to population genetics to cladistics 1.

Wk 9
(May 28)

    Magnetic Dipoles
Magnetic Materials
Relativity and E&M; E=mc2 The Theory of Evolution: Darwin to population genetics to cladistics 2.
How predictable is evolutionary change? (Joseph Parker).
Wk 10
(June 4)

Radiation of an Accelerating Charge

Quiz 4

Quantum Hall Effect
Quiz 4
Neurobiology: neuronal wiring, neuronal computation, brain function.

Study period June 9-12
Final Exams June 13-15

    Final due 6/14 Final due 6/15  Final due 6/15