Winter 2018 Info for Core Faculty/TAs

Winter 2018 Core Science/Math:

Course and Website Lectures Recitations Millikan 9th Floor Study* Problem Sets Due
Ma 1b Analytical MWF 10-10:55 AM R (Thurs)  F 8-11 PM M 3:45 PM
Ma 1b Practical MWF 10-10:55 AM R F 8-11 PM M 2:00 PM
Ph 1b Analytical WF 11-11:55 AM MR  M 8-11 PM W 4:00 PM
Ph 1b Practical F 3 -3:55 PM MWR M 8-11 PM R 12:00 PM
Ch 1b (moodle), enrollment key "reismanmiller" MTR 11-11:55 AM W T 8-11 PM F 4:00 PM


*Group study sessions on the 9th floor of Millikan give students an opportunity to find others and collaborate/discuss course material, with peer tutors in attendance to answer questions and assist.

Approximate Weekly Topics:

Note: the information below is for approximate reference only. Please refer to specific course websites for precise topics by day, due dates and times, course policies, etc.

Winter 2018 Dates Ma 1b An Ma 1b Pr Ph 1b An Ph 1b Prac Ch 1b
Wk 1 (partial)
1/3 - 1/5
Course outline not available; lecture notes summaries posted weekly Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, vectors Principles of Relativity and Time Dilation; Length Contraction & Simultaneity Electric Fields Potential Energy Surfaces
Wk 2
  Matrices, determinants Invariant Interval, Lorentz Transformation; Causality, Relativistic Mechanics Gauss's Law, Electric Potential Vibrational & Rotational Spectroscopy; Boltzmann Distribution
Wk 3
(Holiday 1/15)
  Determinants Relativistic Collisions & Decays; 
Mass/Energy Conversion, Nuclear Fission
Current and Resistance Microscopic vs Macroscopic Ensemble Averages; Ideal Gas Law; Non-ideal Equations of State; Thermodynamics 1st Law
Wk 4
  Vector spaces (Quiz 1 due)
Special Relativity in Astrophys; 
Vector Fields & Vector Calc.
(Quiz 1 due)
DC Circuits
Reversible/ Irreversible Processes; Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Wk 5
(Midterms 12/2-2/8)
  Vector spaces, midterm review (1/31) (Quiz 2 due)
Electric Fields; Gauss' Law
Electric Potential Spontaneous Processes; Free Energies; Chemical Kinetics Part 1
Wk 6
(Midterms 12/2-2/8)
  Vector spaces, linear transformations, midterm exam due (2/5) Electric Potential; Divergence (Quiz 2 due)
(Midterm due)
Chemical Reactions / Chemical Equilibria
Wk 7
(Midterm grades due 2/12)
  Linear transformations Curl, Stokes' Theorem; Electrostatics with Conductors RC Circuits Electrochemistry
Wk 8
(Holiday 2/19)
(Drop/P/F deadline 2/21)
  Inner product spaces (Quiz 3 due)
Laplace's Eqn; Capacitance
(Quiz 3 due)
Magnetic Forces
Acid/Base Chemistry; Organic Acids & Bases
Wk 9

  Inner product spaces, eigenvalues, diagonalization Electric currents; DC Circuits Magnetic Fields Organic Functional Groups; Polar Covalent Bonds; Reactivity of Organic Molecules: Nucleophiles & Electrophiles; Charbonyl Chemistry Part 1
Wk 10
(Last class 3/9)
  Eigenvalues, diagonalization, final review (3/9) (Quiz 4 due)
Conduction in materials; Superconductivity
(Quiz 4 due)
Carbonyl Chemistry Part 2; Structure & Synthesis of Amides: Substitution at the Carbonyl; Peptides & Proteins
   Final due Final due Final due  Final due