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Winter 2019 Caltech Core Science/Math:

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Lectures Recitations Chandler Group Study Problem Sets & Quizzes
Ma 1b practical

Ma 1b analytical
MWF R (Thurs) F 8-11 pm Pr: M 2pm (sets)

An: M 4 pm (sets)

Ph 1b practical

Pb 1b analytical

Pr: F

An: WF

An: MR
M 8-11 pm Pr: F 4 pm (sets)

An: W 4 pm (sets); 4 quizzes
Ch 1b Moodle
(pdf syllabus)
MTR W T 8-11 pm F 4 pm

*Group study sessions in Chandler, organized by the Undergraduate Dean's Office, give students an opportunity to find others and collaborate/discuss course material, with tutors in attendance to answer questions and assist.

Approximate Weekly Topics:

Note: timing may change or vary as the term progresses - check course website or ask faculty/TAs.

Winter 2019 Ma 1b practical Ph 1b practical Ph 1b analytical Ch1b
Wk 1

Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, homogeneous equations; Vectors, geometric interpretation; Matrices, matrix operations, square matrices.

Electric Fields 

Principles of Relativity and Time
Dilation; Length Contraction & Simultaneity

Potential Energy Surfaces; Nuclear quantum states; Diatomic vibrations; Polyatomic Vibrational Spectra 
Wk 2

Inverses of matrices, determinants, cofactor expansions, product rule.

Gauss's Law, Electric Potential 

Invariant Interval, Lorentz
Transformation;  Causality, Relativistic Mechanics

Rotational spectroscopy; Microscopic vs. Macroscopic Ensemble averages; Boltzmann distribution; Ideal gas law; Non-ideal equations of state
Wk 3

Computing inverses of matrices, Cramer's Rule; Vector spaces, subspaces, null space of a matrix.

Current and Resistance 

Relativistic Collisions & Decays; Mass/Energy Conversion, Nuclear Fission

Thermo: 1st Law;Reversible & Irreversible processes 
Wk 4
Span, linear independence, bases, dimension. DC Circuits Special Relativity in Astrophysics; Vector Fields and Vector Calculus Entropy & the 2nd Law; Free Energies; Chemical Kinetics Part 1 
Wk 5
(Midterms begin 2/6)

Rank and nullity of matrices; Linear transformations;
Midterm review.

Electric Potential Electric Fields; Gauss' Law  Chemical Kinetics Part 2-3; Chemical Reactions/Equilibria 
Wk 6

Linear transformations, matrix representation, change of basis.
Midter due: 2/11/2019

Capacitors  Electric Potential; Divergence Chemical Equilibria; Electrochemistry 
Wk 7
Kernel and range, algebra of linear transformations. RC Circuits and Magnetic Force  Curl, Stokes' Theorem; Electrostatics with Conductors Acid/Base Chemistry 
Wk 8

Inner and cross products, orthonormal bases,
Gram-Schmidt process, projections.

Magnetic Force and Magnetic Field  Laplace's Eqn; Capacitance OrganicFunctional Groups and Polar Covalent Bonds; Reactivity of Organic Molecules; Nucleophiles and Electrophiles
Wk 9

Orthogonal operators, diagonalization, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

Magnetic Field Electric currents; DC Circuits   Carbonyl Chemistry; Structure and synthesis of Amides: Substitution at the Carbonyl

Wk 10
(Last class 3/13)

Diagonalization of symmetric matrices; Final review. Review Conduction in materials   Peptides and Proteins; Synthetic Polymers


Final due: 3/18/2019  Final due: 3/20/2019 Final due: 3/20/2019 Final due: 3/20/2019