Summer Programs - Please contact our partners for information on their programming.

Skies Summer School (grades 2-5)

Advanced Online Instruction in Math and Writing. 

Project Scientist (age 4-12)

Virtual for summer 2022: Hands-on science, field trips and speakers in weekly themes. 

iD Tech (age 10-17)

Computer camp with coding, game development and robotics classes.

Alexa Café (age 10-15)

Computer camp with entrepreneurship and social activism.  

Education Unlimited (age 9-13, 4th-8th grade)

Engineering, Robotics, Public Speaking Courses.

Community Science Academy (9th-12th grade)

Canceled for summer 2022: Collaborative scientific learning environment with projects tied to community needs. Competitive application process.

Summer Research Connection (age 15-18)

Summer research program for teachers and students attending Pasadena Unified School District high schools. 

Da Vinci Camp (age 11-17, 6th-12th grade)

21-day math program integrating science, engineering and the arts.