Annual Teaching Conference

We look forward to your participation in the 2020 Teaching Conference on Wednesday, September 23rd, 20 The Teaching Conference is a required component of Graduate Orientation and trains you to be a TA at Caltech. It is also a valuable professional development activity whether you will formally teach at Caltech or not, as it addresses aspects of professional teaching, mentoring, and communication that are more broadly applicable. All incoming graduate students should plan to participate in the Teaching Conference. This conference is held annually - please find plentiful resources and information from previous Teaching Conferences here.

The 2020 Teaching Conference has three components:

1) Complete the online module about Caltech's teaching policies.

Instructions to self-enroll in Online Policies Module:

a)     Using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, with pop-ups enabled, log-in using your Caltech credentials here. (The MyLearn application is also available via, under the "Self Service" heading).

b)    From the MyLearn homepage, enter part of the course name (e.g., "teaching") in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the window.

c)     Click on the "Launch Course" button next to the course name (which is Caltech Policies for Teaching Assistants). Note: instructions with screenshots can be found here.

2) Watch these videos before the Teaching Conference

Active Learning at Caltech

3) Attend the Teaching Conference live on September 23rd, 10am PDT

  • 10am - Welcome from the Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach (CTLO) and Caltech Project for Effective Teaching (CPET) and Panel Discussion with Professor David Hsieh, and Graduate Teaching Assistants Caitlin Lacker and Marcus Lee

  • 11am - Small Group Discussions with Upper Year Graduate Students and Teaching Assistants

  • 6pm  - Only for those in time zones not amenable to attending the morning PDT sessions, please complete this form to request to participate at 6pm PDT on Wednesday, September 23rd

  • Note: Zoom links for access will be shared with you via email

Resources for Teaching Assistants: