CPET Grad / Postdoc Community

CPET (Caltech Project for Effective Teaching) is a group of graduate students and postdocs dedicated to improving our own teaching skills and helping others to do the same. CPET is part of the Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO), and each year we host quarterly seminars and workshops by the some of the best STEM professors in Southern California on topics related to higher education. We also host a quarterly discussion group on interesting and emerging fields in higher education and offer two certificate programs in university teaching, to help STEM graduate students and postdocs become knowledgeable and effective future higher education faculty.

CPET Certificate Programs

CPET offers two certificate programs, the Certificate of Interest and the Certificate of Practice in University Teaching. If you are interested in participating in either certificate program, please check out our Certificate Page and contact us at cpet@caltech.edu!   

Important: Please note that the CPET Certificates in University Teaching are ONLY available for currently enrolled Caltech graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. These certificates are neither recognized as nor affiliated with any certifications related to PreK-12 teaching in the state of California or elsewhere.

CPET Discussion Groups

CPET holds a quarterly Discussion Group where CPET community members read about and discuss interesting and emerging topics in the field of higher education with the aim of developing our teaching knowledge and skills for our future positions as educators in academia, industry, and beyond. Specific articles and reviews will be emailed to the CPET mailing list and all other participants one week prior to meeting.

CPET Events

As seminar speakers, dates, and topics are solidified, they will be listed on the main CTLO webpage. Event announcements will also be sent out to our mailing list.

CPET Mailing List

Interested in getting involved with CPET? Please sign up for the CPET mailing list to learn about upcoming seminars, workshops, and other opportunities offered through CPET. Please email cpet@caltech.edu to be manually added to the mailing list if the previous link does not work for you.