Faculty Short Courses

The Faculty Summer Short Course (FSSC) on Course Design is about redesigning, re-engineering, or rethinking a class, or starting from the ground up in designing a new class to be taught in an upcoming term. Facilitated by Dr. Jenn Weaver, Associate Director for University Teaching, the FSSC is an annual 4-session short course first offered during the summer of 2016. We discuss the process of backwards design of courses from start to finish, including devising learning outcomes, incorporating active learning, designing assessments, building the overall class structure, and fostering an inclusive classroom. By the end of the four sessions, faculty will have a solid plan for their class, with constructive feedback from the CTLO and colleagues.

FSSC Learning Outcomes

By the conclusion of the short course, faculty participants will be able to evaluate current course strengths and weaknesses in terms of student learning; identify active learning approaches and pedagogical strategies that can revitalize their course; critically evaluate current assessment strategies to determine whether they meet learning outcomes (and update or substitute strategies as needed); articulate the value and benefits of student engagement in their course / subject; and (re)devise a course syllabus and content and activity plan for their course.