Certificate of Practice

The Certificate of Practice in University Teaching is designed to assist participants in their evolution as instructors by providing a framework for their professional development. The Certificate of Practice program seeks to achieve three major outcomes for participants:

  1. synthesis and application of effective methods for teaching and learning
  2. assessment and implementation of a teaching philosophy
  3. refinement of pedagogy through feedback and self-evaluation

Participants in this program progress through several phases as outlined below:

  • Plan a program to develop your teaching skills.
  • Learn about approaches to teaching and factors influencing student outcomes by participation in a class or by developing your own learning program to address your interests.
  • Apply your knowledge in a teaching environment with feedback from CTLO and CPET.
  • Reflect on and Refine your teaching through evaluation, feedback, and mentoring by an experienced educator.
  • Record the development of your teaching pedagogy and practice through a teaching portfolio, incorporating a teaching philosophy and representative documents from teaching. 

More details about this program as well as reflection templates for each phase of the program are available in the links below. To sign up to participate in this program, contact cpet@caltech.edu.

Please note that the portfolio must be completed and returned to CPET for review by May 16th in order to receive a transcript notation before commencement.
A complete description of the CPET Certificate of Practice in University Teaching is available here: [pdf]

A useful checklist showing the major steps and timeline for completing the Certificate of Practice is available here: [pdf]

The following forms must be completed during and after the various phases of the Certificate of Practice: 

Plan Certificate Form - A written record of your plan for the Certificate, to be submitted before the initial meeting with the Associate Director for University Teaching. [docx]

Learning Experience Form - Reflection on your learning experience (e.g. E110, etc.). Due two weeks after the course ends. [docx]

Teaching Experience Form - Description of, and plan for your teaching experience. A new form should be completed for each teaching experience. Due a minimum of two weeks before your teaching experience start date. [docx]

Teaching Reflection Form - Reflection on your chosen teaching experience. A new form should be completed for each teaching experience. Due a maximum of two weeks after your teaching experience end date. [docx]

Feedback Reflection Form - Reflection on feedback collected during your teaching experience (e.g..Student survey, classroom observation by CTLO). Due a maximum of two weeks after you receive feedback results. [docx]

The following guidelines and resources can be used to develop your Teaching Portfolio (Phase 5 of the Certificate of Practice).

CoP Teaching Portfolio Guidelines - A resource to help you prepare your teaching portfolio. [pdf]

Teaching Statement Resources - Helpful links with information on writing a Teaching Statement and examples of Teaching Statements. [pdf]