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Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning & Outreach (CTLO)

Welcome! Please explore the main links related to our work in University-level Teaching, PreK-12 Educational Outreach, and information About CTLO.  

CTLO LogoThe Center for Teaching, Learning & Outreach supports Caltech's multifaceted educational efforts, including undergraduate and graduate courses and curricula, formal and informal learning, and partnerships with K-12 teachers and students.

Caltech’s vision is for our teaching and educational excellence to parallel our renowned research excellence. 

The mission of the Center for Teaching, Learning & Outreach is to work toward this vision by supporting instruction, enhancing learning, and facilitating educational outreach.

CTLO is committed to fostering innovation and relying on evidence in all of our programs and services.

Please share your ideas or come visit us: Center for Student Services (Building 86), 3rd Floor North.

We welcome your interest in becoming a CTLO donor and helping us advance Caltech's educational efforts! 

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